About DeRoc Shop

Our philosophy is all about professional entrepreneurship and perfectly serving our clients. Since the early days our team extends its passion to sell premium quality goods for your comfortable living. Through the years we've managed to create one of the most famous brands in our country and now we are glad to share our products online with you. Our mission is not about gaining huge profits, we care about the people because by choosing our store you are giving us a chance to change a small part of your world and we are happy to do that professionally and passionately.

Our business is growing day by day and we are glad to announce another milestone which is signified by the launch of our web store - another wonderful way to browse and enjoy the best commodities from our brand. Being an international store is a great challenge for our firm but we will take it with honor and dignity. We can promise you that you will feel all advantages of online shopping because this is way better and more comfortable than the traditional one.

Here at Ushero Martial Arts(brand name: DeRoc), we understand just how passionate our valued customers are about martial arts in general. We understand this because we feel exactly the same way. Martial arts isn’t just a way of making money, it is quite literally our lives as we have poured our hearts and souls into our company, providing top quality fighting sports wear, boxing gloves, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu equipment, and much more on top of that.

Ushero martial arts have been in operation for many, many years now and we have vast quantities of knowledge, skills, and expertise under our belts which is why we decided to take things one step further and launch our fighting sports wear and equipment brand name DeRoc, back in 2012, as a way of providing the best quality products for the most competitive prices in the country.

We’re currently based in Dublin, Ireland, though due to the fact that demand for our products and services is so incredibly high, we also run a second office in Manchester, England, and will soon be going global by opening offices in Spain, Texas, and Chicago.

As mentioned, we have over 10 years of experience under our belts and so decided the next logical step for our business was to create DeRoc to help provide top quality martial arts equipment and products that everyday individuals can not only afford easily, but also truly benefit from them as well. Currently our top-selling products include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu equipment such as BJJ belts, BJJ GIs, Kimonos and more. Top quality BJJ equipment and accessories are so difficult to come by these days, which is why we consider our BJJ GI UK shop to be so effective. Many other bjj shops are either looking to rip off their customers by offering poor quality products, or simply by charging an absolute fortune. Our prices are fair, our products are of the best possible quality, and above all else, we care about the well-being of our customers. We also stock a vast selection of boxing equipment such as boxing gloves and boxing head guards.

We’re constantly spending our resources on the latest research and development protocols and techniques which is how we’re able to stay one step ahead of our competition. Our team behind the scenes are working non-stop on developing the latest products designed to provide the most efficient martial arts experience possible. We set our goals, targets, and standards ridiculously high, which is why we believe our products are so vastly superior.

We’re also constantly on the lookout for new up and coming talents we can sponsor so if you’re on the lookout for sponsorship, feel free to get in touch.

The bottom line is that we care about our customers, we’re passionate about our business, and above all else, we’re passionate about martial arts. We provide top of the range martial arts equipment, outfits, and accessories for the most competitive prices around. We care about martial arts, our business, and our customers and we feel this is reflected perfectly in the products which we provide.